Indonesian Fan Meet Baozi and Hana 2016

Last Saturday, I attended Anicult 2016 at Convention Hall, Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya. I will make review about this event later (if I'm not lazy) but now I wanna write about IDFM Baozi and Hana in Anicult.

If you don't know Baozi and Hana (I will call it BaoHan later to make it shorter), they are famous gay cosplayers in Asia. They are couple and already going out for five years already. They even went to Bali just few days before Anicult to do honeymoon and celebrate their fifth anniversary. Fucking sweet, right?!

Btw, I got their fan meet ticket form lucky draw which was held by MoemoeHouse and Otome Obsession Surabaya. Lucky! BaoHan would attend fan meet for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. I already send the admin that I would attend FM on Sunday but I have to change my schedule to Saturday just a week before the FM because I got notif that I had to perform on stage on Sunday. I became one of the finalists of Coswalk online audition.

An hour and half before the FM was held, there was long lines of people who would join the FM. We got a free poster, 2 badges, a totebag, and a postcard. I sat on behind so I couldn't see them well if I didn't stand up. This is one of the disadvantages of being a shorthy. BaoHan did not speak English well but Baozi's English is better than Hana's. I had a chance to ask them a question,

"When you were in Bali, I saw a photo which you wore white shirts and held flowers. Is that kind of prewedding photo or something?"

Baozi was so serious when he heard my question but suddenly he was embarrased and chuckled so cutely. he said that it was not a wedding photo but if they will marry, they will choose a beautiful place and stay there for a long time.

OMG! Baozi is so cuteeeee!!! Oh, he was so pretty, handsome and manly at the same time. Hana is pretty,  but Baozi is much much better than his photo. He was so handsome, goddamnit!

Anyway, they are so humble, cute, nice, sweet and funny. When I had a chance to take photo together with them, I asked Baozi to hold my tail and asked Hana to hold my hand. They were so cute when they wore confused ecpression on their face but they fullfilled my request. So kind, right? This is the result! Tarararam...

They were so cute (including me, if you ignore my goddamn cheeks)! I wanna meet them again. It's not because they are gay and I'm a fujoshi but they are so cute together.

Happy anniversary for you, guys! ^_^

Watching Gay AV? Count Me In!

I can say i'm a bit annoyed with people in my Facebook since USA made new regulation about marriage of the same sex. I don't care about such thing as long it's not happening in my direct blood-line. What i'm annoyed of is the reaction of people who judge people who support that new regulation. The problem is you don't live in States, dude, calm yourself! That regulation i believe won't happen in Indonesia. And when you start to judge the supporter, what's your problem with that?! And even they fighting with their own friends because they don't share the same value of life, you got to be kidding me! The funny thing is they judge fujoshi as well. Hello...!!! Gosh! Dude, have a life, will you?! They start talking about because fujoshi never watch the real gay sex before so they adore the 2D story. Because fujoshi never know how disgusting sex between men. Because fujoshi never know how disgusting watching someone licking someone else's asshole.

Call me a pervert after you read this, i don't fucking care! I am a fujoshi. I like story between men but not between women. Why? It's just unappealing for me. I have their thing so i don't need to see it. I read all of the genre of yaoi story, smut, shonen ai, bara, just name it. I read mangas and novels, watch animes and watch the AV. Yes, the AV. The first time i watched it, i chose the smooth one. Good choice of AV i had. The AV is beautiful. The bottom has a really nice asshole and that time i realized, the description and bed-talking in mangas i read, i found it in this AV. About the pink asshole n nipples, beautiful asshole (that time i thought, "Shit, his asshole is much more beautiful than mine!" LOL), twitching asshole. I dunno but i find it's funny when i write it that way. Hahaha... And that AV is not the only Yaoi AV i ever watched.

Like i said before that i read all genre of yaoi, so i also watched all of the AV genre. I tried hardcore, fisting. I found fasting is a bit too much for me. Not disgust feeling but more like..i imagined how painful fisting is... You know what i mean, right? If you ask me did i ever watch lesbian AV before, the answer is yes, but once again i'll say, it's not applealing for me. I even ever watched fisting for woman but that uncomfortable feeling came again in my mind, the feeling i had when i watched fisting for man.

So, my Facebook friends, don't bother to judge someone you don't even know. It's wasting your time, your energy. It's your right to write and share what's in your mind or value if your life but you can't insist your value to other people you don't know. And it's their right to support what they sympathy to. Don't bother to curse someone to go in Hell. By cursing someone that way, it won't make you go to Heaven easily. Just watch your own self. It's better to watch your own step instead of cursing someone you don't even know.

Man, Woman and Money

Last week i heard that one of my married friend would divorce, officially. I was in shock, of course, because i know they were in relationship when they were in high school before they married. FYI, they married last year, only last year and they already divorced (in our religion, once the husband said, "I divorce you", then you're not husband and wife anymore (not by our country law, but by our religion). I won't explain about this because it needs long explanation).

My friend told me that the root of the problem is money. Her salary is bigger than her husband and somewhen her parents said, "Why does it always you who spend money for your household needs?" Suddenly her husband came out from nowhere, heard her parents comment then left their house. He was not coming home for a week and suddenly my friend got a text from him, "We better divorce." That's a ball you have there, dude!

I: I came to his home. I tried to talk to him but he said he couldn't stand it anymore. His parents said i'm materialistic, too demanding, and something like that fucking lines.
Me: And then? What will you do next?
I: Well.. It's finish, nothing i can do...

That's a pride you have there. As a woman i will say to you, to you a man who want to marry someone, i know you have your own pride and you can't negotiate about it. But let's think a bout it for a while. Your wife has more money than you do and most of her salary is spent to your household, you never said anything about it, she never said anything about it. But when someone else comments about the money your wife spends for your household needs, you're angry, it hurts your pride, you detest your wife because of her capability to make money. But where is your pride when she spends her money on your household? 


Today i read a status of my acquaintance in Facebook, the point is if your wife is too demanding and she only can spend your money but doesn't want to make money, divorce her right away. Somehow it's an opposite of my friend's story. Then i think, i really do think hard about this matter, being a woman or i say, in this case, a wife, is so difficult. Making money more than her husband, her husband detest her. Not making money, her own kind detest her. So what should a wife do? Making money but not more than her husband? Making money that way only to keep her husband's pride? Making money only to keep her own kind shut their mouth?

Hey, husband, if you do not want your wife makes more money than you do, you have to work so hard so it won't happen. That's one of the way to keep you pride high. Prove that you're not a leech in your own household.

Hey, her own kind, There's a husband who doesn't want his wife to make her own money. That's his way to keep their pride high.

My Friend and Paid-Pussy

2 days ago, my friend talked to me about his problem. He said he really does worry about this problem. He told me that he has big built (174/77) but his penis is small. I don't think his body is that big. I mean yes he has pretty good body (look at that 4 packs!) but not that big. Anyway, he doesn't satisfied with his penis lenght. I can't say the lenght but yeah, it's small. I don't want him to lose hope in him self so i tried to tell him him that his penis is normal.
Then he told me about his sex experience. He had sex with paid-pussy several times. He told me about his technique, his stamina, what the paid-pussy said about him and his 'little brother', and so on. I was in shock that he did that. I mean, usually man lost his virginity with his girlfriend, he don't want to lose his virginity to unknown girl. But it was his choice and i don't have a right to criticize him. When he told me his sex story, actually i want to ask him, "Did you have save sex or not?" Because you know that paid-pussy does sex with everyone who wanna pay, we don't know how many men she slept with, so it's not wise not to wear condom as protection.
My dear friend, i don't care if you sex with paid-pussy, man, animal or even with corpse (it's creepy though), but please do safe sex. You don't want to get any PSTD or something, right? You are young, handsome, smart and multitalented. Enjoy your life, enjoy your sex, enjoy your self, but don't harm your self.

Someone asked me where did i get his photo half naked like that. He gave me. I wouldn't post someone's half naked photo if i didn't get it personally. And i never asked him to show his body to me nor his picture.

Chinese New Year Dinner

Last Thursday, i attended OIA (Office of International Affair)'s Chinese New Year Dinner. This event was for international students in NCTU and a lot of people came to this dinner. Like last year, Director of OIA gave short speech but none care to listen. The arrangement of the seat was 8 people in 1 table. We had 8 kind of meals and fruits.
Indonesians, Malaysian and Korean sit together, but we Indonesians might be too loud for Korean so after ate, he left us so fast. Malaysian guy still sit with us, he giggled by himself when we were talking n joking. I bet he knew a bit about Indonesian. In the middle of meal, suddenly Hwan talked to me.

Hwan: Aulia ayo dimakan!
Me: Nggak suka itu.
Hwan: Harus dimakan, biar cepet gedhe.
All: Huwahahaha...
Me: Sialan! Apanya yang biar cepet gedhe?
All: Looowh...
Ivan: Ditantang, Hwan! Jawab!
All: Giggling.

After that, Hwan, Budy and Susan talked about something, i didn't listen to them. But i heard their lat topic.

Hwan: Semua usaha itu butuh modal.
Susan: Memang, dan modalnya harus besar. Ya nggak, Bud?
Budy: Modal besar nggak ngejamin kesuksesan. Tapi modal kecil pasti gagal.
Hwan n Susan: Hahaha.. bener bener!
Susan: Sorry ya, Aulia.
Me: Eh, apaan?!
All: Muwahahahaha...

I'm being bullied :(

Karma does really exist. After all of dishes finished, the waitress put fruits out on our table. Susan ate fruit a lot n said something about anti-aging. Hwan didn't want to lose moment to mock her, the he said.

Hwan: Yang masih muda anteng" aja sambil makan, yang tua makan sambil ngomong "anti-aging ini, anti-aging ini"

He repeated Susan's words and mimik her. All of people around us laughed so loud. Not satisfied with that, Susan told us a story. She got a new aquintance then she asked Susan.

She: How old are you?
Susan: 22.
All: Muwahahahahahahaha...
Me: She believed it?!
Susan: Of course not!
All: Muwahahahahahahahahahaha... (Somebody hit the table, we laughed too loud until all of people in the restaurant looked at us)
Susan: She didn't say something about it but look at me with weird gaze.
Lya: Yeah, look at you with disgust gaze.
All: Muwahahahahahaha...

Well, dinner this year was sooo fun! A lot of meals, a lot of friends, a lot of laughs.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!